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Challenge Update - 2nd April

Here's the scores on the doors as at 8am on 2nd April. Thank you everyone for continuing to log your miles. Couple of quick requests from me please to help save a few minutes logging everything:

- you don't need to send through Strava screenshots, it will save me and you time and I trust you until you give me reason not to! Any 50 mile runs may be questioned...

- a short sentence confirming the miles you've done and which team you're in is perfect.

- doesn't matter whether you email or post on FB. If you post on FB please can you post on the most recent daily update from me.

So after spending the previous night cooped up with our rival teams in Bishop's Stortford, the race was on for April Fools Day to see if anyone could make it to Dover in time for the ferry crossing. Question is are they still running? I've no idea. I do know it's a long swim.

The night's rest clearly benefitted Team Minster Inn as they set off at a rapid pace chasing the sea air. They've now completed 347.04 miles of leg one that leaves them tantalisingly close to Dover. Just coming down the hill on the A2 into the town with the White Cliffs in the distance. Just need to be careful doing all that running around lorry drivers, it makes them nervous in this neck of the woods. If any of you have read Bill Bryson's book about his first trip around the British Isles you will know exactly what he thought of Dover. It's a good place to catch a ferry to France. Sorry if any of you are from Dover.

So the task for the Mini Inners today, much like the Race Across the World series on BBC2, is to find some local currency and pay the piper to get across the Channel into Calais and head off towards Paris.

What about Team Pocket to Socket? I'm on the Mini Inn team so this gives me no pleasure (not) but you need to have a word with your Coach. You've gone back to literally hours yesterday morning of dynamic stretching and it's costing you big time. From being neck and neck, you've now slipped back and are 50 miles behind your rivals. The good news is you're in Kent, the bad news is you are in Chatham just outside HMP Rochester. Is it time to convict your Coach and leave him at Her Majesty's pleasure? You decide.

Today will definitely see both team finish Leg One and then it's straight into Leg Two. That takes us from the ferry into Calais, down to Paris, up to Brussels and finishing in Amsterdam for a nice bit of cake. It's a 590 mile leg. Who's up for it? Happy running and walking and stay safe folks.

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