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Can't find the start line

It is a strong indication of the quality of our runners that I genuinely don't know where to start with today's report. We are in the fortunate position of having a number of fabulous performances to shout about, whether that is speed related or battling in the face of headwinds and hen do hangovers.

By my reckoning we've got 3 x 10K results including one rather impressive shiny new PB, 1 Hardmoors 10K (so not 10K at all!) and 1 Hardmoors Marathon.

On the 10K front the honours this week have to go to the Ellwood's, Mel & Glynn. With 2026 participants and an out & back course it looked like a race for space at the Dewsbury 10K. Nothing was getting in Mel's way though as she stormed to a new PB of 42.59. Glynn wasn't too shabby either in a rather impressive 35.33. Just to put that into context, 35.00 equates to 10 x 3.30 mins so pop out at lunchtime, wait for a lovely strong tail wind and see how quick you can belt out 1K.

Congratulations Mel on your PB, I'm sure you're still on cloud 9.

Meanwhile over in Ripon we had Jamie Butler taking on the Muddy Boots 10K. Having run it once before I can confirm that you do indeed end up with muddy boots as the route takes you on a tour of the local countryside. Another good performance with Jamie finishing 65th out of 347 in a time of 49.25.

Last but not least, it was the start of the Hardmoors Marathon series yesterday. 6 different events make up the series with your finishing position counting towards your final position in the series. Each event features a 10K, Half Marathon and Full Marathon, all of which are measured in Hardmoors miles. That basically means the distance can change on the day of the race and even if it doesn't change you know it will be a bit or sometimes a fair bit longer than the standard distance.

We had Sam Lynn taking part in the 10K race and he finished 8th out of 76 in a time of 1.02.42. Your report writer was in the marathon and conveniently also finished 8th out of 106 in a time of 4.45.57. I could carry on in this vein for many more paragraphs to come but I'll move onto parkrun before you get bored of me.

There was no difficulty in deciding where to start with the parkrun round ups, Morecambe & 6 Wise ladies. My network of spies tell me it was Sophie's hen do so you chose to head to the coast during a storm! I guess that means it was a tad windy but I'm sure your respective heads were banging anyway from the wine consumption the previous evening.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend Sophie, looks like the weather didn't spoil it too much judging by the broad smiles below.

Next up has to be New Earswick. Not satisfied with Dom Carter claiming the first finisher crown, we had an amazing 6 runners in the first 11 places with all of them claiming first place in their respective age categories. I always knew that location was destined for greatness!

Elsewhere in parkrun land we had more impressive performances. Jordan Howe claimed another first finisher place in Selby, Di Campbell chalked up a new PB and dipped under 23 mins for the first time and Elliot Cole recorded a speedy 17.17 at the Mire.

Cross Flatts

15th Jamie Butler 22.21


29th Simon Middleton 25.22

74th Lucy Turner 31.10


11th Jon Davies 22.40

Morecambe Prom

56th Sophie Johnson 27.37

57th Danielle Gordon 27.38

58th Hannah Smithson 27.38

75th Emily Arkle 28.47

76th Deanna Dawkins 28.47

New Earswick

1st Dom Carter 18.41

3rd Alex Davis 19.32

4th Jim Carter 19.58

6th Andy Heather 21.59

10th Ben Briffaud 22.58

11th Chris Thompson 23.05


1st Jordan Howe 16.10


7th Elliot Cole 17.17

82nd Mark Dodsworth 22.02

115th Di Campbell 22.59

431st Melissa Partridge 34.19 (good to see you back on the results page Melissa)

432nd Si Partridge 34.20

A busy one this week. Well done everyone and congrats to the PBers, some great performances to write about.

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