Bye Bye Dover!

It's getting close again! Both teams have completed the 354 miles of Leg 1 and made it to Dover yesterday. Team Minster Inn stumbled down the last couple of miles of the A2 and fell onto the first ferry, arriving on French soil just as Team Pocket to Socket were seeing the White Cliffs for the first time.

The short crossing into Calais didn't leave much time for rest and it was only 90 mins before the Mini Inn crew disembarked in France and headed off on the long road to Paris.

On the ferry behind them the Pocket to Socketers were reassessing their plan. No bonus miles were to be had doing laps of the deck so they treated themselves to an £18 sandwich and £4 bar of chocolate each. Less stretching more mileage seems to be their new motto as they hit Calais with renewed vigour and set off hunting down their rivals.

And hunt them down they did. They've pretty much cut the gap in half with Team Mini Inn spending the night in the delightfully sounding town of Berck, 55.69 miles south of Calais. Meanwhile, P2S were 21.8 miles south of Calais in the town of Colembert, just east of Boulogne.

We're not taking the motorway route direct to Paris although could probably get away with it right now. I was tempted to chuck some barbed comments in there about the French and roadblocks but just remembered in time that Monsieur Briffaud is in our ranks. My apologies mon ami.

It's a beast of a leg this one, 590 miles into Paris, back up to Brussels before finishing in Amsterdam.

Keep chalking up those runs and walks but don't be surprised if the Govt guidance changes in the next day or two. The days of going out and doing more than half an hour may be numbered so make hay, but please make it safely.

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