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Busy busy busy

There's lots going on behind the scenes at the moment so rather than do multiple posts, you're getting it all in one go. A metaphorical marathon not a sprint today.

Here goes.

Social Event

Thank you to Elliot for organising our presentation evening. When it takes place is up to you so we have an online survey for you to complete giving us your preferred date please. It's not a tricky test, you've got two choices. 13th or 20th May. Tick the box, type in your name, press done. Easy as that.

It would be great if you could tick the box by the end of training tomorrow night (Weds 20th). Not much time but it will take mere seconds to complete.

The venue will be Spark:York on Piccadilly and it will start at 7pm. As well as having the chance to catch up, we will also be presenting our three club awards on the evening.

Club Run

As we discussed at our recent AGM, we are keen to put on some club runs this year. The first one we have agreed on is the Bradford 10K on 18th September. Thanks to Phil & Glynn for organising. The plan is to put transport on and then go for a curry afterwards but you can enter the race now using the link below. Watch this space for more info on logistics.

Club Awards

We will have three club awards this year with the prizes to be awarded at our presentation evening (see the survey above for options on when that event will be). We've got Club Person , Most Improved and Coach's Award.

All three awards cover the period 2020-2022 and the shortlist below has come from nominations from committee members. We are now asking you to select your choice for Club Person and Most Improved. One vote per club member in each category please. Mark & Becky will decide on the winner of the Coach's Award.

The Club Person award is who, in your opinion, has done most to support the club and drive it forward. It could be the person who looks after the Cross Country gazebo, it could be your club mate who is always there cheering you on in training or at races, it could be the Postal Harrier who has achieved amazing things in races and brought the YPH name to a wider audience or it could be something personal to you.

Our Most Improved award reflects the stronger together nature of our club and recognises improvements in performance over the period of the award. This award therefore reflects improvement so could be for anyone in the club regardless of their respective finish times.

Please can you cast your votes by 29th April so that we have sufficient time to arrange the prizes. Click on the link below and select one choice in each of the two categories.

Club Kit

Thanks to everyone who has cast their vote from our shortlist of three. There is still time to vote so please see our earlier website post with details of the options. We won't have the new kit in time for the start of the Road Race League at Pocklington on Tues 26th but we hope to have them for the next race at Tadcaster.

Weekend Results

It looks like our Postal Harriers were far too busy improving their pocket to socket motion whilst consuming Easter Eggs to take part in any races. As always, I've done a trawl of Strava and the most common results pages so I'm sorry if I've missed your result. By all means send me an email of your result, especially if you are doing something random in far off lands.

I've had to do some map searching to locate some of the parkrun venues I've not come across before, we've certainly been on our travels.

Alness (North of Inverness)

79th Jackie Mitchell 30.17

Heslington (East of York)

25th Andy Heather 21.15

Millhouses (Sheffield)

108th Alex Davis 25.03

Morecambe Prom

94th Robert Butler 24.27

New Earswick

5th Chris Thompson 23.03

10th Harriet Sleight 24.17

North Yorkshire Water Park (Jim & Dom, you're buying me a new keyboard if you keep going to the one with all those letters)

3rd Dom Carter 17.30

8th Jim Carter 18.54

37th Jon Davies 21.46

48th Sam Lynn 22.44

If you go down to the woods bloody careful.

With apologies to Dom and Jon. You were inconveniently hiding behind other runners on the Facebook photos I could find.

Riverside (Durham)

1st Jordan Howe 15.51

South Manchester (South of Manchester I presume?)

55th Sophie Cole 22.48

Temple Newsam

54th Andy Ellwood 26.32


13th Ian Smithson 18.07

125th Simon Middleton 23.26

150th Sean Withill 24.14

204th Kev Armstrong 25.55

305th Lucy Turner 28.29

398th Karen Travis 31.30

That's all for this week, I told you it was a busy one. Please do take a few minutes to vote on the date for the awards evening and also the awards themselves. It's a busy time for our lovely club and the Summer League is just around the corner. Have a fantastic week and I hope to see many of you at Club Night on Weds, 6.30pm on the Knavesmire (near the entrance to the parkrun service track on Knavesmire Rd).

Details of our club night sessions are posted to our Facebook and Whatsapp Group. Please get in touch if you want to join the Whatsapp Group (

Have a great week everyone.

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