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Brass Monkeys & Langsett Loops

The annual Brass Monkey race saw 11 of us take to the start line plus a strong line up in the YPH cheering squad.

Sunday morning started with a steady drizzle that became a full on downpour by 10am. It was great to have no lengthy pre race briefing and fanfare from the YKH organisers. They knew it was raining cats and dogs. One quick whistle and off we set.

Out on the course we saw Bill and Ben (that's quality), Englishman and Frenchman. Both helping out YKH and marshalling side by side in Bishopthorpe, shouting their words of encouragement. Stronger than any flowerpot men. We also had Andy, Jase, Deanna, Amanda, Jenna, DGB and Danielle with Louis. All as one cheering on their mates. Can't beat being a Postal Harrier.

There were some big results out there to cheer on as well. Marc lead us home in 1:25, churning out another top quality performance. I enjoyed 7 miles running with Si and Danny before my larger fuel tank slowed me down and they headed off into the distance. You could tell Si had itchy feet, keen to push on but holding back at the same time. Credit where credit's due, you're a classy runner Partridge.

Mr Chris Bush knocked an astonishing 5 minutes off his PB and Smithey showed us class is permanent with Coach Whitby in tow. Climbing up that last hill (yep it's a hill) over the A64 I was waiting for Coach's words. Pocket to socket. Pocket to socket.

There was a cracking finish from Amy & Di, sprinting for the line. Just not sure which line eh Di!! Great running from you two. Also great to see Carl back in action on the streets of York.

My final word is saved for Helena. Her first half marathon and I know she was nervous. We all remember not that long ago when Helena joined us and going from consistently finishing a parkrun to conquering your first half is a massive achievement. Well done Miss Senior!

Elsewhere in the county we had two of our regular long distance runners taking on the Langsett Loop marathon. Well done Dave & Dee. I'm sure you both had a great time and put the world to rights whilst making it look 'easy'.

I can't finish this report without mentioning Jo. Her second attempt at The Spine race. Check out the website if you want to find out what it's all about. I know you haven't got the outcome you want Jo but credit to you for putting yourself on the start line. I'm sure you've found out a bit more about yourself and that will come in handy next time round. Keep smiling!

For everyone who entered the PECO league, remember the next race is in Harrogate this Sunday. Here's the link for the full details.

Also keep an eye out this week for details on how to vote in our upcoming member awards. We've gone all hi tech this year and the voting will be online! Two categories as always and keep an eye on your inbox for more details.

Before all that we are back at Bootham School for club night this Weds. Further details to follow and don't forget your £2!

Here's the full results roundup

Brass Monkey

Marc Pearson 1.25.28

Si Partridge 1.30.59

Danny Clayton 1.31.59

Simon Middleton 1.34.59

Chris Bush 1.35.46

Jonathan Smithey 1.36.07

Mark Whitby 1.36.20

Di Campbell 1.54.02

Amy Johnson 1.54.15

Carl Schumacher 2.07.08

Helena Senior 2.34.17

Langsett Loop Marathon

Dee Bouderba 5.44.10

Dave Cook 5.44.16

York parkrun

Darren Baker 19.53

Jim Carter 20.30

Oli Thompson 22.13

Kevin Armstrong 23.12

Mark Dodsworth 23.32

Andy Ellwood 26.54

Lisa Ellwood 35.43

Stewart parkrun

Jess Hayward 26.55

Heslington parkrun

Danny Clayton 19.28

Sam Lynn 20.41 - presume you weren't running backwards this week Sam?

Andy Heather 21.06

Jason Platten 21.23

Amanda Clark 24.32

Dalby Forest parkrun

Andrew Halcro-Johnston 22.24 - well done on your 1st parkrun in YPH Andrew, 1st of many!

Karen Travis 31.15

New Earswick parkrun

Chris Thompson 23.55

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