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London Marathon Place

At our recent AGM we discussed how we award our sole club place in the London Marathon. The consensus was to keep the criteria the same but to publish it on our website so it was clear to all members what the process is. We will also publish confirmation of the lucky member who is awarded the place each year. This will start with the 2025 London Marathon.

The criteria is as follows:

  • Open to all 1st claim members who have not taken part in the event previously (either via the club place or through Good For Age, Ballot entry, Charity Place or any other means).

  • Must have applied (and been rejected) via the official London Marathon ballot for that respective year.

  • If we have more than one application then the person who has been in 1st claim membership (via reference to the date of joining shown on England Athletics website) will be awarded the place.

  • Invitations to apply will be published on our social media channels as soon as possible each year.

Congratulations to Sophie Cole who was awarded the place for this year and good luck on Sunday.

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