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Nothing hampers Dom

Sometimes results really do tell their own story. One of the great things about being part of a club is when you've got a gem in your ranks and you can just sit back and watch them develop into a shining diamond.

It's not too long ago that you'd find a nervous Dom, starting back in the pack alongside the likes of his Dad and yours truly. We knew he was good. I'm not sure Dom did then.

Not anymore. 1st place finishes in parkrun are nothing new. Top 10 finishes in PECO and Summer League are becoming the norm. It doesn't just happen and I know plenty of hardwork goes into shaving off the seconds and moving up the leaderboard.

It's all worth it though when the prizes start coming your way. Big congrats to Dom for winning the Willow Valley Flyer. 12K through the cherished hills of Brighouse, home town to my good self and where I spent my youth developing my own skills on the squash court many moons ago. There wasn't too much to do as a young lad in Brighouse in the 80s!

I had a lightbulb moment though when it all became clear what Jim's infamous wheelbarrow manoeuvre was about from a couple of years ago. It makes complete sense now, there's nothing more appropriate for carrying food related prizes home than a wheelbarrow. Top marks for planning, Jim.

I can't finish this short article without sending massive love and hugs to our next batch of marathon runners. Messrs Partridge & Hatfield are taking on the Leeds Marathon on the 12th May. All the best gents, we'll be rooting for you.

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