Big Horn to Buckeye

There's some great place names in this part of the world, the headline being a tribute to two of them. Yesterday marked day one of the Summer League season and, thanks to Elliot's new challenge, we had 45 Posties out running and walking. If you think we have 70ish members then 64% of us were out and about logging miles yesterday, impressive stuff indeed and thanks again to Elliot for adding to the challenge.

Most mileage in the day went to Team Mini Inn for the first time in this challenge. It's put a dent in Team Pocket to Socket's lead but only a dent. Is it a one off or a P2S paying the price again for a fast start?

P2S have completed 440 miles versus 389 for Mini Inn.

The rather marvellously named town of Buckeye has played host to P2S overnight. A few miles outside of Phoenix. I can't quite make out which P2Ser this is, proudly standing at the entrance to the town showing off her cardboard box. Reminds me of those t-shirts, my mum went to Buckeye and all she brought me back was a cardboard box.

Meanwhile, Mini Inn are in the middle of the Big Horn Mountains Wilderness Area. Yep, it's that middle of nowhere stuff again. Doesn't Big Horn look amazing though and I'm sure our band of ultra runners would love to be running around there.

Be warned, the path gets very steep today as we head out of Phoenix and towards the border with New Mexico. There's another cracking range of mountains to climb with outstanding names such as Old Baldy and Baldy Peak on the way to the town of Show Low. I always like to know what I'm facing when I'm out on a run so you've got around 500 miles of climbing before you hit Texas. From there on in it is very York like in terms of up and down.

Time to take it easy on those weary limbs as the road heads up towards the sky. Have Mini Inn been conserving energy ready for the incline? We will find out over the next few days.

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