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Adidas Kendal 10k - Nov 2023

Subject to full cost details, would you book a place on the coach for the race next year?

  • 0%Yes, definitely

  • 0%Yes, subject to cost

  • 0%No, I can’t possibly miss parkrun you crazy fool

A few weeks ago, I commented in the WhatsApp group about the Kendal 10K that I'd taken part in. Quite a few of you, well at least one, sounded interested in taking part next year so I've got a proposal.

I've asked a local provider to give us a quote for a coach for the day, one that comes with wheels as I'm not sure Mark or Becky could carry that many of us all the way to the Lakes.

The race date is still to be confirmed but is likely to be Sat 18th Nov. That means you addicts would miss parkrun but it will still be there the week after.

Provisionally leaving York city centre at 7am. Race starts at 11am but you have to register first and on a coach it will be approx 2 1/2 hours to get there.

Post race can book somewhere to eat locally or do our own thing. There is also the Kendal Mountain Festival happening with all sorts of live events including a bar.

Suggested coach pick up time of 7.30pm to get us back home in time for bed.

Seeking to book a decent coach that comes with the luxury of an onboard toilet so we don't have to stop every ten minutes on the way home.

The race itself is a beauty. At 10 and a bit K it's a bit short for my liking but makes up for it with a big mother of a hill before a fly by the seat of your pants descent back into town for the finish on the High Street in front of an adoring crowd. If you're familiar with the finish in Chamonix of the UTMB races then it's just like that. Kind of.

Some tarmac, some grass, some mud, maybe some rain. It is the Lakes after all.

I'll be back in touch with cost details for the coach. Plan is that if we get enough interest then everyone pays up front for the coach. Race was £18 this year and you got a free bottle of beer from Hawkshead Brewery at the end. No t shirt but you've already got a million and one of them and no medal cos you've got gazillions of them too. Plenty of solid gold memories though. And a loo on the coach.

Here's the link to the race details for this year to give you a bit of an idea.

Complete the poll so I know if it's even worth taking it further.

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