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A busy weekend

The media spent all weekend telling us what a busy few days of top class sporting activity it was going to be. We had the Grand National, the Masters, Man City v Liverpool but they forgot to include the Hawkshead Trail Race, the Wensleydale Wander, the Big Flat Runway and some startling parkrun performances. How very remiss of them.

Before all that got underway, I can't fail to mention Jo Barrett's effort in conquering the Northern Traverse. It was a bit like back in the day when the late football results didn't make the morning paper. Jo set off last weekend and was still navigating her way across the Lakes, Dales and Moors whilst this report was being written last Monday. A mere 300K from one side of the country t'other taking in one or two climbs along the way. Mighty impressive stuff from the lady who described it as just a hike. Maybe it was just a hike but there's many an obstacle along the way that can challenge even the hardiest ultra runners. Well done again Jo, you're a shining example as to what the human body can achieve.

Speaking of the Lakes, we had a small contingent at the Hawkshead Trail Race, 16K around the west banks of Lake Windermere. Whilst we all know that Yorkshire is God's Own, the Lake District is breathtaking and thanks to Andrew Halcro-Johnston for sharing the photos below.

Well done to our group of 4 runners who I'm sure had a great day out:

98th Richard Hawkins 1.54.01

130th Andrew Halcro-Johnston 1.59.50

119th Jonathan Richardson 2.24.13

134th Karen Travis 2.39.36

The eagle eyed amongst you will notice that Jonathan placed higher than Andrew but had a slower time. You'll need to ask one of them for the precise details but all I can ascertain from the website is that they all did 16K but Jonathan & Karen benefitted from an earlier start time. I'm confused!

Big news for Andy Heather was his new 10K PB in a race that was definitely not competing for the most scenic prize. Andy was taking part in the Big Flat Raceway event at Elvington Airfield so got to enjoy a few laps of flatness before finishing 42nd out of 139 in a time of 42.33. Well done Andy and great to see that your work in chipping away at your parkrun times is converting into a new 10K PB.

Heading back to the scenery was Danny Clayton who took on the Wensleydale Wander. No news on whether Danny got a nice lump of the local cheese instead of a finisher's shirt but I'm sure he enjoyed the views around Leyburn and Middleham. Well done on covering the 36K in 4.02.20.

At this point I normally say that just leaves parkrun. Just would be an understatement this week with a brace of first place finishes to shout about.

First up we had Dom Carter taking first place at Fleetwood Promenade parkrun in 18.09, well done Dom and nice flying feet. I bet Coach is purring looking at that technique.

Not to be outdone, Jordan Howe visited the new North Yorkshire Water Park parkrun and claimed first place in 16.05, looking resplendent in his York City shirt and appearing to walk on water judging by the image below.

I would have loved to have contributed to a hat trick of first places at Dalby Forest but I was 4 seconds behind in 2nd place in 18.19.

Whilst my wife and Billy (our puppy not to be confused with Mr Shively) won the best smile contest.

Elsewhere in parkrun world we had runners at the following:


17th Jim Carter 20.02

67th Sam Lynn 25.27


5th Ben Briffaud 20.40

7th Patrick Hough 21.37


49th Mel Ellwood 21.30

97th Sophie Cole 23.04

98th Elliot Cole 23.04

170th Harriet Sleight 25.21

175th Andy Ellwood 25.34

184th Kev Armstrong 26.07

241st Di Campbell 27.43

336th Si Partridge 31.04

339th Melissa Partridge 31.07

346th Jackie Mitchell 31.20 (welcome to Postal Harriers Jackie)

I'm tired out just writing about all that. Time for a sit down and a nice cup of coffee. Well done all, great to see and write about. Have a great week.

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