YPH Club Championship

As discussed at the AGM, we wish to encourage runners of all abilities by introducing an inclusive Club Championship based on a handicap system. Massive thanks to Phil & his team of enigma code breakers for finding the time and having the mathematical skill to get us this far.

A trial run will be held over the 2020 Summer League 10k series that starts in April. There will be two competitions:

1) The YPH Handicap: the person who beats their handicap by the most (as a percentage) wins the race.

2) The Consistent Harrier: the person who is closest to their handicap (as a percentage) wins the race.

At the end of the season the Harrier with the best 5 placings from the 6 races wins these competitions. You do not have to complete 5 races to take part. Handicaps set from last year's summer league average time (adjusted for course difficulty) are shown below.

We know that the number of members within the club has increased significantly since the last race league series. We would love our new members to take part so if your name doesn't appear on the list below just let us know and we will add you in with an estimated handicap.

Any member who feels last year is not a good guide for this season can propose an alternative time for consideration to the handicapping team. If these estimates turn out to be very wrong we can go back and correct! Handicaps will be adjusted after each race for actual performance and course difficulty by the handicapping team. Full details of these adjustments will be available from the team (Phil Raddall, Kevan Ford and Jon Smithey).

Proposed handicaps for Pocklington 10k are as follows:

Name & Initial Handicap

Andy Heather 00:45:19

Ben Briffaud 00:41:34

Bill Shively 00:41:40

Carl Schumacher 01:01:30

Chris Bush 00:43:08

Chris Guest 00:47:03

Chris Thompson 00:45:45

Danny Clayton 00:40:25

Darren Baker 00:40:07

David Johnson 00:39:12

Deanna Dawkins 00:51:24

Dee Bouderba 00:51:49

Drew Mitchell 00:44:02

Gareth Fowler 00:49:40

Hannah Smithson 00:48:52

Helena Senior 01:04:59

Ian Cundall 00:52:25

Ian Ellwood 00:34:59

Ian Smithson 00:36:48

Jason Platten 00:44:30

Jim Carter 00:44:31

Jon Davies 00:43:43

Jonathan Richardson 00:50:02

Jonathan Smithey 00:44:09

Katie Elliott 00:52:48

Kevan Ford 00:52:11

Lee Flanagan 00:47:01

Lee Skelton 01:00:13

Marc Pearson 00:38:43

Mark Thompson 00:40:43

Mark Whitby 00:43:27

Patrick Hough 00:43:08

Paul Hatfield 00:40:07

Phil Raddall 00:54:01

Richard Bray 00:51:01

Richard Hawkins 00:47:46

Sean Withill 00:48:50

Simon Middleton 00:42:07

Simon Partridge 00:40:30

Stephen Young 00:44:54

Stuart Baker 00:43:11

Tom Boyle 00:39:47


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