Your first bonus miles comp!!!

Don't say I never treat you. This weekend sees the first bonus miles comp. Don't worry, I'm not going to ask you to go out in fancy dress. He doesn't know it but this first challenge has been inspired by the wordplay of Ben. When you post your miles today and tomorrow, I'm looking for the best team names using the letters of your respective team name.

So you've got Team Minster Inn and Team Pocket to Socket. You can only use each letter once and you must use all the letters including the word Team as well. The ones that make me laugh will get 10 bonus miles for their teams. Looking forward to seeing you get creative.

What happened yesterday then? A relatively quiet day on the virtual roads of Suffolk, Essex and Kent. Mini Inn got back to winning ways with a daily total of 104 v 75 from P2S. Looking at the charts below, it would appear that most of P2S stayed in bed and/or spent the day sunbathing. Either that or they've all forgotten to post.

Mini Inn are charging through the Garden of England, otherwise known as Kent and have made it to Whitstable. It's a picturesque beauty, not far from Canterbury. Sadly the same cannot be said of P2S' overnight location.

The camera never lies they say. Well it's not lying today. P2S are in Bradwell on Sea. Sounds grand doesn't it. Consider this. A warm Fri evening, a stroll on the front, sharing fish and chips and a cold beer with your beloved. All in the shadow of a nuclear power plant. Yep, that's the offer from Bradwell. Not their fault I guess but I've just crossed that off my list of places to visit post lockdown.

No need for vinegar for your F&C's here, the rain will add plenty of additives.

That's it for Friday. Mini Inn are 122 miles in front. Long run Sunday beckons, in the meantime have a beautiful weekend.


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