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What a club!

Another weekend of success after success to report on from the cross country relays to Thirsk 10, Spen 20, Elvington Flyer and Cyprus Marathon. It’s great to see so many different prople achieving outstanding performances week after week. Postal really is the club to be at right now.

We had various teams entered into the last race of the cross country season, the relay races in Bramley. Three in a team and we had four teams taking part with the highlight being our ladies team of Mel, Jess and Lou combining to win their event. Outstanding performance ladies.

Glynn Ellwood 14.56

Marc Pearson 15.49

Lou Mamalis 17.05

Jess Hayward 17.38

Mel Ellwood 17.59

Amy Johnson 18.52

Di Campbell 18.57

Amanda Clark 20.02

Harriet Sleight 20.45

Sean Withill 21.06

Phil Raddall 22.09

Lisa Ellwood 23.17

Back onto the tarmac and we had Si Partridge racing at the Spen 20 miler, finishing in an impressive 2.26.41. There were further strong performances at the Thirsk 10 miler with Dom Carter, 1.03.31 leading the Postal charge. Jim Carter was close behind in 1.04.05 to complete a cracking day out for the Carter household. Andy Heather finished in 1.12.15 and Mark Dodsworth completed the line up with 1.13.32. A great effort from all involved.

It’s obviously the time of year for ten mile races so hot on the heels of Snake Lane and Thirsk we had the Elvington Flyer at the airfield. Andrew Halcro-Johnston was our sole representative and came home in 1.25.34.

Well done to all Postal Harriers taking part in races this weekends, we’re proud of you. You’ve no doubt read and heard enough already about Cyprus so I don’t propose to write anymore. All I’ll say is if you’re reading this and thinking I want to work on building up to a longer distance or improving your time then I hope you get a smidgen of inspiration. Commit to a plan, write it down, keep a record and then just do it. You might amaze yourself with what you can achieve. Go for it!

That leaves the parkrun results to cover off as follows:


9th Patrick Hough 22.12


148th Karen Travis 32.22


2nd Alex Davis 18.14


2nd Elliot Cole 17.25

12th Dom Carter 19.12

16th Jim Carter 19.35

77th Danny Clayton 22.22

144th Kev Armstrong 24.50

201st Robert Butler 26.36

211th Jamie Butler 26.56

What a fantastic week to be a Postal Harrier. Keep smiling and keep running. Who knows where it will lead?

Can I write a report from here every week?

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