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Wet, windy and wonderful

What a day! The rain filled skies of Scarbados were illuminated by the smiles and cheers from a huge group of Postal Harriers. It's day like this when you realise what being a Harrier means. Well done to everyone who took part, whether you were running or with Melissa's impromptu creche seeking shelter in the Spa.

Good news also reaches these parts from down south where Patrick took on the Ealing Half Marathon and closer to home we had Dave Cook in unfamiliar territory at a 10K road race!

Being the nice man that I am, I thought I'd share of photo of us all at the start. Check out Jase, Andy and me in the foreground discussing tactics. Or probably where we should go for F&C's after the race.

Scarborough 10K Results

Glynn Ellwood 38.02

Ian Smithson 38.12

Marc Pearson 38.48

Paul Hatfield 39.14

Sam Lynn 39.19

Darren Baker 39.52

Simon Partridge 40.41

Jim Carter 40.58

Danny Clayton 41.20

Mark Thompson 42.24

Tom Boyle 43.59

Jason Platten 43.51

Andy Heather 43.52

Simon Middleton 44.22

Lee Flanagan 44.33

Chris Thompson 44.53

Chris Guest 46.15

Mel Ellwood 46.37 - PB!!!

Jonathan Richardson 46.47

Sean Withill 47.10

Emily Burns 48.36 - PB!!!

Hannah Smithson 50.17

Deanna Dawkins 50.31 - PB!!!

Kevan Ford 52.09

Dee Bouderba 53.29

Lucy Turner 1:00:13

Lee Skelton 1:03:54

Several pints in...

Who breached the no swearing policy?

Ealing Half Marathon

Patrick Hough 1:39:41

Beeston 10K

Dave Cook 51.25

York parkrun

Jim Carter 19.45

Darren Baker 22.38

Ian Smithson 22.38

Jon Davies 24.47

Deanna Dawkins 28.10

Jason Platten 28.10

Porthcawl parkrun

Elliot Cole 18.43

Sophie Johnson 25.13

New Earswick parkrun

Lucy Turner 32.00

Simon Middleton 32.13

Chris Thompson 35.01

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