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Welcome to Louisiana

Multiple news updates today folks as we welcome both teams to The Pelican State otherwise known as Louisiana. A change of tempo beckons as we move from the wild rodeo days of Texas towards the jazz of New Orleans.

First things first. The fancy dress results are in. We had 5 competitors and the rules of the game were the top 3 in terms of most likes on Facebook got double miles for their run. Here's the top 5 in reverse order:

5th - Jonathan with 9 likes

4th - Rodeo Reid with 12 likes

3rd - Ben with 16 likes and your 3.1 miler magically becomes 6.2

2nd - Lucy with 23 likes and your 3.1 miler also becomes 6.2

And the winner is Jenna with 39 likes across her 2 days of fancy dress running. Your 6 miler becomes 12!

Well done to the 5 of you for taking on the challenge. Watch this space for details of the next challenge.

The next news is the Taddy 10K virtual challenge tomorrow (12 May). See full details on Elliot's post for what you need to do to be in with a chance of winning some massive prizes.

The final piece of news is we have a new competitor. Sam Lynn has been tempted in and joins the ranks of Team Minster Inn as from yesterday. He's not logged any miles yet so you've got some catching up to do Sam.

Onto the race. Pocket to Socket continue to dominate as they clocked up 129 miles on Sunday compared to 93 for Minster Inn. Their lead is 160 miles! P2S are showing no sign of hitting the wall and slowing up. With less than 1000 miles to go we are looking at next Monday or Tuesday for a potential finish. I hope you've got those barbecue coals in ready for them Deanna.

P2S spent the night in the town of Simmesport, next stop is the state capital in Baton Rouge.

Back down the road, Mini Inn made it to Grand Cane. Not much going on here with t'internet offering very little by way of interesting footage other than the band playing up to mark their arrival.

Oh and I've just seen on FB that it's Melissa's birthday today. Have a lovely day Melissa.

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