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Weds night by DeeGeeBee

The morning after. In a few words, the magnificent seven. Yep, not since the days of this classic spaghetti western have I seen seven gunslingers fighting the good fight for the oppressed. But last night, seven lady runners rode down to the Minister Inn and gave us an indication of things to come. It looks like we will be fielding a full strength ladies team in the forthcoming Summer League series. So Dee, Danielle, Hannah, Katie, Rachel, Helena and Deanna take a bow. As we approach the season I’m hoping all our lady runners can make the Summer League so we can field two teams. Remember, stronger together. As ever, Coach Mark had done his homework and researched ready for the session. We ran a bit, we rolled in mud, we made some shapes and laughed a lot. This is YPH, we run and have fun! From afar it looked like a group twister session where the toy figure stretch Armstrong meets Patrick from Spongebob Squarepants. I’m sure the local residents were well impressed with the agility shown by the older, more rigid, runners amongst us. A big thank you to all the runners who trained last night. There was 22 in total including a guest. The light nights will soon be with us allowing us to train on our natural track on St Peter’s field. So please hang in with us, we know it is difficult to train on dark nights. That said, your support to the club has been fantastic over the cold nights. Those winter miles will definitely lead to summer smiles. Wherever you are running this weekend, stay safe and run happy, be happy. DeeGeeBee

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