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We will remember

It was only a matter of time before we came across an overnight stop with an emotional recent history. I'd say it was pretty much impossible to navigate Germany & Poland without doing so.

Team Pocket to Socket have had a challenging 24 hours. A slender lead yesterday has turned into a massive deficit today, the biggest gap we've seen since we left the Minster Inn a couple of weeks ago. They find themselves 745.59 miles into the leg in the town of Konin. I'll forgive them for spending most of yesterday there to remember its history. Back in 1939, 30% of the population of the town was Jewish and over the next few years that was sadly reduced to pretty much zero. Google and Wikipedia offer up plenty of photographic evidence that doesn't warrant being shown here so on we move but we will remember them.

Meanwhile, Team Minster Inn are about 70 miles from Warsaw in the small village of Jezowka. It's that small I can't find much in the way of information to share so here's a photo of some of their local tourist accommodation, with room for 27 weary Mini Inn travellers.

Jezowka is 830.61 miles in so an impressive 85 miles ahead of P2S. That's going to take some pulling back from the socketers but they've been behind by big distances before so that fat lady isn't singing just yet.

It's no surprise to hear that yesterday's runners and walkers clocking more than 10 miles were all from the same team. Jo our ultra running queen popped out for a few hours and chalked up a marathon, just like that! Impressive stuff indeed. Elsewhere we had Glynn with 13, Rachel at 10, Si P at 13 and Chris B at 13. Therein lies the story.

I'll finish with a message to Team Pocket to Socket, the gauntlet has been thrown down ladies & gentlemen. Time for you to show us what you're made of. A beer in Warsaw tonight is the prize.

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