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Virtual Challenge - The Big One!

After 44 of us completed nearly 700 miles in just over 5 days it is time for a new challenge. Who knows how long the current situation will continue for but we need a big challenge to keep us motivated. This is that big we may not finish it before we all head back to work and return to some sort of normality.

What have I come up with then? This time it's a team challenge so the daily miles you log will be for your team. We have two teams, The Minster Inn team and The Pocket to Socket team. Each team has 22 YPHers drawn from the list of everyone who has taken part so far. The person who finished 1st in the last challenge has gone into the Minster Inn team and the 2nd finisher has gone into the Pocket to Socket team. I've followed that pattern all the way through so it gives a reasonably equal balance. In other words, I didn't think it was very fair to load one team full of folks who have been logging loads of miles so here are the teams.

The challenge has been divided into three legs as shown below. The idea being that each time you go out and run or walk you are logging miles for your team and the first team to the finish wins!

I would love to see every YPH member take part so the first new runner will join the Minster Inn team and the 2nd new runner will join the Pocket to Socket team and so on.

Leg One - Minster Inn to Cambridge to the London Marathon finish line on The Mall to Dover - 354 miles.

Leg Two - The docks at Calais to the Louvre in Paris to Brussels to Amsterdam - 590 miles.

Leg Three - Amsterdam to Berlin to Warsaw to Belarus to Moscow finishing in Red Square where I'm sure Mr Putin will be delighted to greet us (if we get there!) - 1715 miles.

Total race distance 2659 miles.

As long as the current Govt guidelines remain in place then we are good to get out once a day. If that advice changes for the worse then we may have to stop but let's worry about that if it happens. In the meantime it all starts on Monday so crack on teams!

Carry on sharing your miles by commenting on my FB posts or emailing them into me

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