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Sunday Social run

Now that Spring has Sprung and the clocks are going forward, does anyone fancy a rather fresh Sunday run?

The forecast is Sunny, Still and 1 degree! It has been suggested to ease us into British Summertime we start a little later than normal. So if we meet up at 09:00 behind the grandstand. For the route I was thinking down towards Bishopthorpe onto the cycle path, back through fulford to town to get to 10k and from there onto the city walls for nearly the full lap and back down the river to mire.

Hope to see you there. Just one more thing, as summer league is approaching it has been suggested that we take a Sunday trip to Bishop Wilton and practice a bit of hill running. If you could let us know if you are up for it next week 7th april, we could try and organise lift shares etc.



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