Summer League Race 2 - Taddy 10K

Here's the write up from DeeGeeBee and I'll echo his words regarding the quality of support that our runners get out on the course. It makes a big difference. I noticed in particular around the switchback section at half way that we were universal in encouraging each other on, and not being shy in cheering on friends in different colours. We are different class when it comes to support. Here's the wordsmith.

In a few words, all you need is love: love is all you need.

Yep, the feel good factor was abundant last night. Andy, Lisa, Russ, Melissa, Simon, Grace, Deanna, Danielle, Dee and Reid were joyous. I’m sure everyone, from all the York running community, were thankful of their warm and unreserved support. The spirit of YPH!

There were great performances aplenty including our second claim members. We raced at the front, we raced in the middle and we raced towards the rear. But nothing, nothing compared to the roar whenever a YPH runner entered the arena for the last 300m of the race. Thank you. It inspired some of the best sprint finishes of the entire evening. Ben, the cannonball kid, unleashed a turn of pace worthy of the olympics with grunting to match. Love it. Katie, the scirocco, speeded up the final 50m like a warm torrent of air akin to the famed desert wind. Helena, I don’t do shortcuts, absolutely smashed the sprint. The greater the cheer, the faster her cadence. Lovely.

There were some big performances. I know of a couple of a PBs and a couple of close calls: Ian, Tom, Jason and Mel take a bow.

I’m sure there were other fantastic moments so please share.

Proud to be YPH. Proud that we stand together. Proud we cheer every runner home.

We can’t compete with the big clubs in the team competitions. But we can compete for being lovely and supportive. So run happy, be happy. If you were a bit disappointed with your run last night there is always next time. The future is bright, the future is royal blue.


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