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Stars In The City by DeeGeeBee

Great to see so many of us out training last night. Here’s the view from our own DeeGeeBee.

In a few words, Disco Inferno. Yep, another Baltic night did not deter the spirit of YPH. Some 22 Happy Harriers trained last night. Their togetherness burning like a brazier. As a concession, Coach  Mark allowed us to train within touching distance of our HQ. A concession or cruel act? A sanctuary of warmth and lovely real ale, so close but yet so far, until we had completed 4 x 1 mile intervals with a dynamic rest in between. Oh yes, at your faster than fastest pace. Bring it on. There were performances of note. Mark T set the pace. His dynamic rest was faster than my fast bits. He is getting ready for a break-through season. Deanna ran in a fury. It had been a tough day but boy oh boy did she release her frustrations. With relentless cadence she beat the footpaths. When it was done, a chilled and fulfilled Deanna headed to the bar for a pint of loveliness as a reward. The mini Hoff was on it like a car bonnet. With his flowing locks amok, he ran like his namesake along the river bank. The tourists wanted a selfie with him, not a chance unless you could match his sub 7 minute a mile pace! The Gladiators amongst us ran like it was high summer. Bold and upright. The statuesque Simon Middo  was the leader. Think Commander of the Northern Armies, think Middo. He was closely followed by his foot soldiers. Tom had just returned from supporting the England cricket team in the Caribbean. So great was the temperature differential, it drained his hard-earned sun-tan. It was great to see one of our ultra running legends last night. The world is a better place when Dee is about. There was some great armography on show last night, Sean, Rich B and Jon take a bow. It was socket to pocket heaven. I had the pleasure of running the alternative training offering. We ran the same distance as others but at a commensurate pace. We gave the same effort but over a longer time. It was great to hear other runners encourage us. The intervals were on a circuit so no matter what your pace,  we stayed in touch. It was here that the words from the disco classic by the Trammps truly resonated, burn baby burn, disco inferno. I asked another runner if we should cut a corner and head back to the Mini Inn as the faster runners had finished already. The response was immense. With strong words, quietly spoken, the answer was ‘I don’t cut corners. Once I’ve set my mind to do something, I do it! An inferno of a response. You know who you are and thank you. At YPH we are stronger together. Whatever you are doing this weekend please stay safe. Remember, run happy, be happy.

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