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Sockets rocket

There were some big numbers posted from Team Minster Inn yesterday. They won the daily race but the damage has been done. 277 miles completed yesterday in total, 143 of which were Mini Inn miles with 134 for Team Pocket to Socket.

There's 120 miles between both teams, the closest it has been for some time but P2S have less than a marathon to go to reach the finish line. Barring a natural disaster it will be happening today. Such travesties don't happen though do they? I mean, come on, there's no way we would ever spend two months in lockdown...

The Socketeers have rocketed through Florida and have reached the coast, 24.48 miles south of Jacksonville Beach. They are in the town of St Augustine, here it is. P2S have won the right to spend their final evening in these palatial surroundings.

Things got bad for Mini Inn yesterday. They were torn between two choices after some early big miles gave them a glimmer of hope. Carl recorded a late 24 miler from Sun followed by big efforts from at least half a dozen of them who all logged more than 10 miles each - Tracey, Di, Amanda, Glynn, Sam, Si and DGB.

The gap went below 100 miles at one point, leading to the decision to race through Disneyland without stopping to say hello to Mickey and Minnie. The fun seekers were devastated. They've got 145 miles left to the finish so unless Ultra Jo has completed 3000 laps of Poppleton overnight they are destined for a silver medal.

So Jacksonville awaits. We've had local intel from our very own version of YPH Trip Advisor so we know all the good bars to hit and more importantly, the ones to avoid. We'll share the details tomorrow.

Have a great day everyone.

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