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Proclaimers sign for Team Minster Inn!

Amazing news from Sunday with the Proclaimers signing up for Team Mini Inn and logging 500 miles. It's game over as Mini Inn fly through Florida and are now sat sipping cocktails at the finish line.

At that point Lucy woke me up with a jab in the ribs and told me to stop cheering in my sleep. We can dream.

It's Monday morning and the reality is sinking in. Long run Sunday didn't materialise into the 500 mile variety that was needed by Mini Inn. Team Pocket to Socket won the day with 119 miles logged but very close again with 114 clocked up by their rivals.

That leaves the finish line a mere 164 miles away for P2S and a rather chunkier 313 miles for Mini Inn. It's looking like a done deal that will leave the virtual challenge series deadlocked at 1-1. That means we need a decider. Now who's up for that?

There is one last chance for Mini Inn in this race. P2S are currently at Universal Studios and they are having a great time. Coach Whitby has treated them all to a family pass and he got a special deal if he bought 2 day passes. Will they leave the rides behind in time to get to Jacksonville? Chances are they will run out of cash forcing them to leave. Disneyland is a cash cow like no other. Walk the streets and you feel the cash draining from your pockets. Don't get me wrong, it's a magical place but they are the kings of marketing.

The one problem with rollercoasters is that the male members of P2S are finding the seats a bit uncomfortable after their trip to the 'health clinic' in Bronson yesterday. More cushions required.

Meanwhile, 149 miles back down the road, Mini Inn have reached the town of Fanning Springs. It's no Universal Studios but it has some marvellous outdoor pools. It definitely looks like they are for the swimming of the human variety but I have a nagging doubt that you might stumble into a croc in there.

Now a gap of 149 miles feels like a bridge too far, check the maths though. P2S have a daily average mileage of 121. If P2S achieve their average mileage today and IF every member of Mini Inn go out and run 9.3 miles we will have both teams neck and neck for the sprint finish through the last 40 miles.

Have Mini Inn got it in them to muster the strength to get it done? 9.3 miles or about 3 parkruns. Or will P2S hammer the final nail inn and just go out and run 164 miles to finish this once and for all today?

Coming back to my earlier point on another challenge. In the absence of knowing when our next club night will be, is everyone up for another challenge? I've got a route in mind and some regular challenges offering up bonus mile opportunities. Share your thoughts on FB, email, WhatsApp, smoke signal, carrier pigeon etc.

To finish on today, we watched Wild on Netflix last night. A great film with Reese Wetherspoon and Laura Dern all about an ultra trek along the Pacific Crest Trail along the west coast of the US. Great story behind it and a strong endurance theme running (or walking) through it. Comes recommended.

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