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Prisoner on the run

Whilst the world‘s elite triathletes were showing off their skills on the streets of Leeds, our own Drew Mitchell was busy escaping from prison. Yep, he was in San Francisco for the Escape from Alcatraz event.

Whilst the full details of his release have yet to make the pages of the York Press, we do know he successfully negotiated choppy waters, the local hills and sand dunes to plot his escape. Glad to see Drew wore the cunning disguise of a Postal Harrier. That should throw them off the scent for a while.

We had other amazing feats taking place as well. And no I don’t mean the Sunday Social gang going through Acomb.

Danny Clayton is fast clocking up the sort of mileage only Dee, Dave and Jo can dream of. This week it was the Race to the Tower event in the Cotswolds. A mere 52.4 miles and a cracking time of 12:10:54. We note the event was sponsored by Heineken. Well done Danny on reaching the parts most other runners don’t.

It doesn’t stop there. Jo Barrett is clearly back with another day in the Dales taking on the 3 Peaks with a finishing time of 6:25. Here’s a great photo of the scenery on offer. Perfectly sums up why we do what we do.

Last week I missed another triathlete on tour. Well done Ian Smithson in your event in Holland. Here’s the evidence.

That just leaves the 5K runners.

York parkrun

Tom Boyle 18.36 - New PB

Mark Whitby 20.54

Andy Heather 21.27

Kevin Armstrong 23.28

Goole parkrun

Phil Raddall 25.10

Fountains Abbey parkrun

Andy Ellwood 28.14

Lisa Ellwood 35.18

New Earswick parkrun

Paul Hatfield 19.18 - Course PB

Ben Briffaud 19.59 - New PB and first sub 20. Well done Sir!

Jason Platten 23.18 - Course PB

Easingwold 5k

Simon Middleton 20.49

Lucy Turner 30.23

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