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Posties voting for their new Pieminister

Sometimes in life you get a gift and you can't look beyond it. I'm sure you all remember back to those cold, cold days of the Peco League and the image of Jim and his wheelbarrow race. Well last night delivered another of those images that will live long in the memory.

I was expecting a sparse turnout for the Summer League presentation evening, a mix of no race and melting temperatures would surely combine to leave even the hardiest of runners at home sat in front of their fan. Thankfully that wasn't the case. A great turnout from Team Postal along with many from our other local clubs and we had well over 100 there to celebrate the prize winners and enjoy a pie. Or two. Or maybe more.

Jordan rightly received a well earned cheer as he went up to collect his prize as overall winner of the series. 5 wins from 6 races and all in some magical times left our most humble of champions atop the leaderboard. Watch this space for a forthcoming feature on our champ where we find out more about his running history and what his ambitions for the future are.

The team prizes extended all the way down to 6th place so both our teams picked up trophies for their performances across the season.

It was interesting chatting with other runners last night and discussing the season and thinking of ways the league could be even better. The ladies are keen to see 6 count in the team event as opposed to 4 at present to match the mens' event, thereby rewarding those with more strength in depth. I'd also encourage them to increase the number of races that count towards final positions from 4 to 5, thereby encouraging more (especially at the top end) to take part. That aside, it's a great series of races across the summer and it's been fabulous to be involved in them again after a two year break. Even better that the overall winner came from within our ranks.

Every time he sucked on the straw it went down his left arm, out through his fingers and kept his pint topped up. Apparently.

Following on from our success in the team events, Posties were keen to demonstrate their prowess in the pie eating stakes (or should that be steaks?) Very appropriate and timely given events in Downing Street that we found our own Pieminister. She might be slender but Di find plenty of space for a pie or two. Great effort!

Well done to everyone who either took part in the races or came along to support and hold the odd bag or two.

And so that's it for another season. The next big event on the horizon is the Bradford 10K on 18th Sept and a number of Posties have already entered. Here's the link to sign up,

It's the same day as the rather marvellous Marathon du Malton so I'll be eating and drinking my way very slowly around the 10K route. Cracking event if you've not tried it before, definitely not a race, much more a food & drink fest with a genuine chance to be half cut by the time you cross the finish line.

Then into Oct we have the Yorkshire Marathon and 10 miler on our very own streets. Once that's out of the way it will be back into Peco Time. This site is always worth keeping an eye on with lots of local races,

I'll finish by sending all our Postal love and best wishes to Jess & Hannah who are both getting married in the next couple of weeks. We hope you both enjoy your respective wedding days and can't wait to see the photos.

Have a great summer everyone.

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