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Posties on Tour

No sooner have Covid regulations relaxed and our airport departure lounges are full of Posties, eager to get on their travels again.

This last week we've seen Mel & Glynn in Prague and Amanda & Danny in Benidorm. Czech out Strava for the Ellwood running activity and pop your sunglasses on first before taking in Danny's new haircut. Amanda clearly wasn't in the mood for hanging about as she knocked a massive 6 minutes off her half marathon PB. Well done Amanda!

News has yet to reach these shores of how Danny got on. A bit like days of old on your foreign holidays when you had to wait until the day after to get a copy of your favourite newspaper. Anyone readers under 40 won't understand the technological challenges we had to deal with in the 80s and 90s.

An apology from last week, Andrew H-J only went and achieved a 5th place finish at the Grim Up North 10K race in Bingley and I went and missed him out. The aptly named Bingley Bollocks 10K, I can't wait to see an image of the race t-shirt and wonder if they seized the opportunity to incorporate a unique 3D medal.

Danny and Amanda are handing the Postal Passport to me this week and I'll be reporting in from what I hope will be sunny Paphos this time next week.

In the absence of any other races (I think) that just leaves us with the parkrun roundup and the latest list of top 10 finishes. Go back a year or two and you hardly ever so a YPH runner finishing in the top 10, nowadays it's a weekly occurrence. How times change.


2nd Jordan Howe 17.16

3rd Elliot Cole 17.22

44th Ian Smithson 21.08

78th Andrew Halcro-Johnston 23.37

79th Sophie Cole 23.38


13th Patrick Hough 21.49

North Yorkshire Water Park - well worth a visit to Wykeham for a contender for the longest parkrun name

4th Simon Middleton 19.02

15th Jon Davies 21.32

77th Lucy Turner 30.57


13th Jamie Butler 22.54


2nd Dom Carter 19.07

4th Alex Davis 19.31

9th Jim Carter 20.28

19th Andy Heather 22.15


55th Mark Dodsworth 22.22

81st Di Campbell 23.30

280th Karen Travis 31.27

That's all for this week. Enjoy your running everyone and see you next week where I will have news of the Cross Country relays and there might be a photo or two from Paphos.

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