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New Committee Members

Would you like to join the YPH Committee? We meet 3 times per year plus the AGM and we're looking for members to fill some of the current vacancies.

The following roles with a short role description are available:


Big shoes to fill here, with Ian, instrumental in making the club what it is today, standing down. He steps back with the club in a great place and this is what makes this role so important. This position plays a crucial role in providing leadership, productive communication and guidance across all club matters. It is a role suited to someone with the Club’s best interests at heart and someone with the time and dedication to drive the club forward. Key points of the role:

  • Strategic planning and key decision making duties.

  • Uphold Club Constitution.

  • Assist the Club to fulfil its responsibilities with regards to club welfare and safeguarding.

  • Chairing Committee meetings.

  • Playing an active role in the Club development plans.

Assistant Chair

A new position within the club structure and one that will be of great support to the selected Chair. A fantastic opportunity for someone to play a creative part in ensuring the club is doing all it can and needs to do, to build on the existing momentum. Key points of the role:

  • Assist the Chair with all club operations.

  • Assist with the implementation of policies across the club, ensuring that the Chair is aware of any matters presenting.

  • Being an active body across training and competition (where/when possible), to help embed the club’s ethos.

  • Assist in the support of committee members, to help ensure the club is delivering on its commitments to the club and its members.

  • To promote the appropriate use of social media for club matters.

Club Secretary

Another position to be vacated by a club legend in Billy and again another pivotol role for the right person. Good organisational skills and a willingness to keep on top of a rapidly changing athletics environment would be important here. Key points of the role:

  • Plan club meetings with the Chair and agree an agenda with club officials.

  • Ensuring the club has persons in place, for any positions that UK Athletics requires of affiliated clubs.

  • Managing the Club affiliation renewal and athlete registration.

  • Being a point of contact for club enquiries and sending relevant correspondence on behalf of the club.

  • Manage club grievance and disciplinary correspondence.

  • Ensure the club applies for and receives its London Marathon place entitlements and any other available/relevant race places.

Assistant Secretary

Another important new role for the club as we aim to keep up with the understandable requirements of EA. Working together with the elected Club Sec, this role will help to navigate some of the more unseen challenges, whilst exploring innovative ways for the Club to progress. 

  • Assist the Secretary in ensuring the club is adhering to any current, or changing UK Athletics policies, protocols and requirements. 

  • Support the Secretary with club affiliation and members renewals.

  • Being a secondary recipient of any information sent by UK Athletics, where permitted.

  • To work with the Secretary in supporting the presentation of any changes or considerations to the committee.  

  • Being a secondary point of contact for club enquiries from members.

Wellbeing and Mental Health Champion: (To operate alongside the qualified Safeguarding Officer)

There can’t be too many clubs with the togetherness that Postal shows! We want to ensure that members feel like they can look to us for support on and off the course. This role would be an extension of the Safeguarding officer and would be an important point of contact for people to go to, when they feel the need. Key points of the role:

  • To support the Safeguarding Officer in creating and implementing a culture of effective Safeguarding practice throughout the club.

  • To work with the Safeguarding Officer in supporting the presentation of any changes or considerations to the committee.  

  • To support the Safeguarding Officer in ensuring the club has appropriate records of training and incidents and support any appropriate responses required by the club.

  • Involved in creating initiatives to promote positive mental health across the club.

Assistant Social Secretary

An opportunity to work with the Social Sec to develop a wider recognition of Club and individual races across the local and wider area. An important role in increasing Social Media exposure and to help create more regular Club Social events, with a view to building on the existing positive feel across the club. 

  • To support the Social Secretary in creating and organising events for club members throughout the calendar.

  • To liaise with club members (and coaches) to promote potential races and training for participation.

  • To increase the use of social media to promote the clubs participation, achievements and upcoming events.

There are 6 vacant roles in total. If you are interested in joining your committee then please contact Simon Middleton on to confirm which role you are interested in or to ask any questions. Deadline for expressions of interest is 24th June. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have a number of roles that are already occupied as follows:

Club Captain - Harriet Sleight

Club Coaches - Mark Whitby & Becky Penty

Treasurer - Kevin Armstrong

Safeguarding & Welfare Officer - Sophie Cole

Cross Country Rep - Jess Harvie

Summer Leage Reps - Bill Shively & Ian Dalton

Social Secretary - Elliot Cole

Honorary Club President - Ian Dalton

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