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Mucking about on the river

In a few words, XXX.

No, not the famed film. No, not a censorship rating, but the Roman numeral. Yep, 30. I will say it again, 30 Happy Harriers trained along the riverbank last night smashing out 5x1K repetitions in the late evening sun. It was our PB!

To start, motorists along Marygate were agog at the sight of a mass warm up session.  We welcomed the joyous thumbs up, the pip of horns, the encouraging words. It showed their support of our small inner city run club. With legs akimbo Mark led the body sculpture lesson. Some felt a little uneasy, some felt self conscious and some giggled but all accepted the direction in the hope of a better running form. It was all smiles and photos from casual drinkers and tourists alike.

As ever, Coach Mark had more strenuous physical activity in store. 5 fast and true intervals followed. We ran in groups of similar pace. We ran together. Hurdling dogs, side-stepping walkers, dodging cyclists and the whiff of exotic tobacco is all part of our urban athletics track. We would not have it any other way. Each time we passed one other there was a word of respect and encouragement. It was a sign that we are stronger together.

In the bar afterwards Jase arranged a presentation for Billy to celebrate his 60th birthday. It was a framed running number from the Bradford 10K. You guessed, it was the No 60 that Andy had managed to secure from the race organisers. Members of the club had signed the picture mount. It was touching. It was typical YPH. We love you Billy. You are our own running guru.

It was great to see some speedsters last night (Greg and Glynn- Double Gees): it was great to see so many lady runners (Hannah, Katie, Mel, Deanna and Amanda) : it was great to see long-standing members (Ian): it was great to see the usual suspects (Mark, Sean, Andy, Jason, Patrick, Kevin, Olly, Jon and the rest): it was great to see runners returning from injury (Stu and Rich): it was great see those not running currently continuing to support us( Reid, Melissa and Simon). It was great to be YPH. Sorry if you did not get a mention.

From the brink of despair, we are flourishing. As you read this and kick-back a little, feel good about yourself. Be the best you can be. Be comfortable in your skin. Be comfortable in your running shoes. You all contribute greatly to our club. As a cyclist once wrote, it’s not about the bike. He was right, it’s about you.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay safe. Run happy, be happy.


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