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Following the conversations at our AGM regarding the future of our club kit, we now have some initial options from our supplier. We had two broader angles to consider before we even look at designs as follows:

  1. The preferred option for the club is to incorporate a design that allows us to purchase just in time (i.e. one shirt at a time) with no minimum orders. This is a huge positive in cashflow terms and it also means we don't need to hold stock in a range of sizes for ladies and men. It also means we don't need a member from within the club to be our kit rep.

  2. The challenge with our existing design is that we have to make minimum orders across the size and gender ranges meaning an investment of hundreds of pounds at a time when costs are increasing across the board. We thought it prudent therefore to consider options where there was no minimum order requirement. The reason for the minimum order is purely down to our stripe as suppliers need to buy blue material with the stripe already included. This approach also means we need a member to volunteer to be kit rep and look after significant quantities of kit that would likely take several years to distribute as and when new members joined.

The 4 designs below are not necessarily intended to be the final design. It is merely a starting point and we encourage members to play a part in coming up with our new vest / t-shirt. Please use the 'Share Your Views' button at the end of this post to submit your comments.

Official race wear will be available in mens and ladies sizes and in vests and t-shirts. Club branded clothing will also be available, which members will be able to order direct via our website. This range will include jackets, hats, beanies, bags etc.

So, there's the starting point. Your constructive feedback is welcomed using the Share Your Views button below. Some ideas to consider:

  1. What would you like to see on the back if anything?

  2. Would you like to see both the club name and logo used and if so what layout would you like?

  3. We would love to hear your thoughts, remember, this is just the start. Once we have chosen a final design between us the plan is to then present a club vest to each new member at the next available club night after they join. This is a good way of introducing them to other members and to club night itself. Existing members will be able to purchase an official vest or t-shirt (or both) direct from our supplier via our website. The club are currently considering if we are in a position to subsidise some of that cost so no promises but watch this space.

I've tested that button above and it works on my laptop. It should automatically generate an email in Google so you might have to sign in. If you don't have a Google account then just email me direct to Please send your comments through by 22nd April.

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