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Mid week roundup

There's always a sense of trepidation when you get an email from Si Partridge and he's asking me to post it on our website. Love him to death but he's got a way with words that doesn't always lend itself well to public forums. Bless him. Anyway, turns out he's been a good boy this time. Must have got Melissa to vet it before he sent it. Think yourselves lucky that you got to run. Whilst you were hard at it, I had signed up to an aqua fit session at the pool trying to get my leg sorted. Turned out to be more like aqua dance so I spent an evening with plenty of ladies dancing in the water. Out. Of. My. Comfort. Zone.

Back to it, here comes The Partridge:

I've been nominated to do tonight's report. I'm not being allowed to swear, so it should be pretty short. It is as follows. 

Gone with the wind v The Dirty Dozen. 

Tonight was breezy, to the point I've not battled with such wind since the after effects of my wife's chilli, Dee's TARDIS got blown in to Cybermanland or some other stupid planet, Flan's blinds were whirling out of control round his head making him late down, and the usual mob must of got blown in to a different boozer where they stayed on the grounds of health and safety. 

For the starting 11 plus the coach himself, Mark had set up pyramid paradise. More in the style of a flat top aztec design (cheers, Jase) in which we hit 500m 1km 1.5km 1.5km 1km 500m, taking in a generous 60sec breather between reps. 

It was all very easy way, and then tough as old boots t'other, even DGBs tan would of struggled to stay on, it was blowing so hard. 

There's not too much to say about the session as such, it was what it was. It was designed to be hard and fast, but controlled, and continuing to think about our form. It will take time for it to become second nature. But if there's one thing I've noticed in our guys and gals is the true grit in everyone, 100% determination, 100% focus, 100% pain/or pleasure, difficult to tell on the faces at times! And 100% honesty. 

That form you continue to work on will help you in the long run. And although it will slip throughout races, try and remember what you've learnt at some point from the gun going to the last step, because if you can introduce little bits till it becomes comfier, it will help you over the line a little easier. 

In the words of DGB, #RunHappyBeHappy

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