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Ladies Day in the US of A

It's time Deanna! The teams (one in particular) are closing in on your home town. I hope the bunting is out in Jacksonville and that the city is getting ready to welcome the marauding Brits.

Some of the tales being told on FB are class. We're getting daily updates from our very own David Attenborough as Dee seems to be running into every form of wildlife possible although she has yet to witness Jo's dogging (or has she?) Over on the emails, Jim tells me he was pacing Carter Junior to a 20 min non parkrun yesterday but he couldn't keep up. Was that a celebratory message or a mournful one? He'll get you soon enough Jimbo! Back in my youth it took me a few years to get the better of my Dad on the squash court but once I'd done it once.....

Team Pocket to Socket absolutely romped it yesterday with 144 miles clocked in the day, taking them the town of Bronson in Florida. They are about 100 miles or so from Disneyland and Universal Studios meaning some good photos will be coming in another day. The reason why it's Ladies Day can be seen in the mileage charts below. The charts now include individual mileage totals and guess what, the ladies are leading the way. Big shout out to Emily who seemingly spends her days walking and running around York with a dog that just doesn't get tired. Yesterday saw her break the 200 mile barrier. Next up is Danielle with 173 miles and then it's Jo with 162. The only blokes keeping pace are DGB with 164 and Danny on 160. Great stuff ladies.

It appears that not much goes on in Bronson. Search for it on Google Images and one of the first photos up is the local vasectomy clinic. I kid you not. Here it is in all its glory. Ironic that the method of cutting the photos and posting them in here is done using the snipping tool. Ouch! Ten minutes of my life I never want to get back....

About 160 miles back down the road, Mini Inn clocked up 108 miles and find themselves in Bradwell Bay. Seems fitting that it's another wilderness area, thought we had left them behind in New Mexico. Mini Inn are definitely in the metaphorical wilderness.

So it's long run Sunday. We are off on a bike road so won't be logging mileage today. A good day for P2S and they will reach Disneyland and the rides. Can they do it?

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