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It's all downhill from here

You know that feeling when you're stood at the top of Windmill Rise after half a dozen reps. You jog back down and it's done. You've just done that a gazillion times over running through New Mexico. The hills they are behind you.

Pocket to Socket have lead from the front again and were the first team to cross the border into Texas. Civilisation and Dallas is still a long way away though as you've entered into the Texas Panhandle area. Flat and desolate. Summed up by the fact you've just spent the night in the town of Plains. Everything looks plain around here. 108 miles completed in the day and 1128 in total. P2S are about 300 miles from the halfway point. The biggest number on the day came in from Stu with 13.16 miles and reportedly the furthest he's run in 3 years.

Mini Inn finished 19 miles down against their rivals in terms of daily mileage with 89 completed and a total of 1037. They've not quite done with New Mexico just yet but are definitely on that downward slope into Texas. They summitted the last peak, Mescalero Point and were thankful for the presence of some of their ultra runners who taught them how to pitch a tent and repair your feet using nothing but bracken and animal droppings. Here's the view from said peak.

My guess is we have 3 more steady days in front of us before the working week ends on Thurs night although who else out there has no bloody clue what day it is anymore. I'm expecting the mileage to creep up as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day on Friday and make the most of the Bank Holiday bonus miles. Plenty of Churchillian spirit needed from Mini Inn to get themselves back in the game.

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