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Happy Harriers

In a word, liberation. Yep, with D-Day 75 at the forefront of our minds we are grateful for the sacrifices of so many allowing us to live freely. Thank you to the veterans. A humble, brave and lovely generation, lest we forget. 28 Happy Harriers trained last night plus others who joined in the bar including Patrick freshly back from competing in the Civil Service Olympics in London. As you’d expect he won gold in the single lunge! If there was an award for the lateral squat, Andy would go close. I’ve been watching Andy. You have a class action going on. The merry band included two new lady runners, friends of Amanda: Amie and Gemma. Both fitted in nicely following the coach’s direction and giving it a right good go. Welcome, I hope you come back soon. Along the urban track we ran in groups of equal pace. Banter was aplenty as we encouraged one another and often pulling legs (not literally). The ever present whiff of an exotic blend kept our spirits high. There was an array of dogs, some tall, some small, some hairy and all inquisitive. Why do humans run when there is no ball to chase? Little do they know that we chase a bigger prize. This prize differs from runner to runner. Some seek the pace. Some seek the mindfulness. We all seek the togetherness. The sight of a band of brothers and sisters happy clapping after a tough session is invigorating. To end, a big shout out to Drew. He is jetting out to San Francisco for a triathlon including a swim from Alcatraz to the mainland. How tough is that? This follows his 100K London to Brighton jaunt. Good man and a great cause. Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay safe. Run happy, be happy. DeeGeeBee

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