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Getting to know your Harriers - Part Two

Onto our second Harrier now, many thanks to Marc for sharing his story and a reasonable attempt to drum up some sympathy with his reference to home schooling.

1. We all know you're a member of the famous York Postal Harriers but away from the club what does your work life look like (or retired or something else entirely)?

I'm a software engineer which is a pretty cushy number, lots of sitting down and blaming computers and other people. Lucky enough to work just off the ings so it's nice to get out for a run at lunch time. At home, it's trying to sneak out for a run whenever the chance arises, which gets quite hard with a 5 year old and a toddler.

2. How has life changed in the last week and how have you been able to adapt your running routines?

Working from home for the most part, so it's not really different - just a different place to run! My wife Danielle is a teacher though and is having to work - currently not too often, but that will change with staff availability... it means I'm on home schooling duty when she does though.

3. Is there any support you need that your fellow YPHers could help with?

Nope, all good here. But if everyone could get really unfit and start running slowly when training and racing starts again that would be much appreciated.

4. Are there any skills you've got that could help others at this time?

Nothing in particular other than I'm in York with time and a car so happy to help in any way I can.

5. In a positive sense, is there anything that the current situation has allowed you to do that you wouldn't have been able to previously?

Work is always pretty relaxed but I always feel a bit guilty going out for longer than I should on a lunch - it's nice being able to make the work time up at any time now. Also, it's quite fun to watch the teacher and the pupil trade blows when the home school lessons are on. Especially when young Bert gets involved (when he's finished terrorising the dog who doesn't know what's hit at the moment!)

6. Send us a photo of the new you in your best YPH gear. I've giving you a stunning example to start with.

Attached - my vest now is a bit retro!

7. Free format. What else would you like to share with your clubmates.

I was really disappointed to have the summer league cancelled as thought we were really going to surprise a few clubs with the strength of our teams. Our support is a given so won't be any surprises there. Hope everyone stays fit and healthy - running can be real help to this isolation malarkey (do it right though!).

Not sure it has been officially cancelled yet Marc but probably a matter of time.

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