Early doors damage

The football fans out there will well remember a former manager and commentator who's favourite phrase was early doors. Ron Atkinson was the man in question, former manager of Man Utd, Sheff Weds, Villa and others. In his commentating days he was early doors this early doors that referring to action in the early stages of a match. He suffered an inglorious end when he was caught on mike saying something he shouldn't and off he went, late doors.

In our virtual world, Team Pocket to Socket are suffering damage early doors. It's a marathon not a sprint but Team Minster Inn are on the charge. A very impressive 337 miles were logged yesterday with Elliot's challenge again motivating us to get outdoors. Keep your eye on FB for details of the next big prize winner in the latest results from the kitchen utensil segment.

Mini Inn hit the double century yesterday with 202 miles logged featuring some sterling performances from Carl (22), DGB (13), Jo (10), Paul (10), Si (12), Tracey (10) and Sam (14). The numbers in brackets referring to their mileage, not their age. Never too sure in Partridge's case though....

The Norfolk coastline has been home to Mini Inn overnight and the town of Wells Next The Sea. The clue really is in the name, as you can see, it is next to the sea. What would your lockdown name be using that same format? I'd be Simon Next The Fridge.

Here's Wells in all its glory. Social distancing being perfectly observed by the locals.

Pocket to Socket meanwhile lagged behind with 135 miles logged and the gap is at 95 miles already. Damage done. Early doors. P2S have overnighted in the Lincolnshire town of Spalding, licking their wounds preparing for Day Three.

There's well over 2000 miles to go, who knew it was that far around our coastline? Day Three continues around the Norfolk coast and the leaders may reach Suffolk by the end of the day. Today's quiz question is which esteemed local runner is from the Norfolk city of Norwich? Regularly found at our local parkrun courses, multiple sub 3 hour marathon man and YPH would probably be his 2nd club if he didn't run for this other great local club.

Here's your route today.


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