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Club night review

In a few words, you are such a big star to me. Yep, 22 beautiful Harriers trained last night. With a couple who tactically rocked up late to miss the session and retire to the bar: Dee, who would have thought? Against the last of the winter inky black skies, the stars were shining bright. To start, Sean demonstrated the wonders of cod liver oil as he circled his legs a full 360 degrees without a tear in sight. Think, Yoga with Tim,  think stretching with Sean, passinho style. We giggled and gyrated as we warmed up our muscles for the fun in store. Our numbers were swelled by Mel and Glynn. A delight. Happy faces were aplenty to see them join in and have a couple of sunbeams in the bar. It felt complete. Ben brought a friend, a great idea moving forward, called Olly. As you’d expect we welcomed him with open arms. The session was a beauty. We split into two groups sub 46 minute 10k runners and over 46 minute. It felt natural. It sufficiently pushed Harriers  to continue their progress in a safe space. The response from the runners was immense. Everyone was wonderful. There was no hiding place. Of note was the text book running techniques shown by Katie and Hannah. Brilliant. Gareth and Chris G, have you seen these boys lately, looking svelte and athletic. They look marvellous and fast. Billy, Simon and Glynn ran like a reformed Boy Band: in rhythm, slinky hips and high cut hot pants. Good job it was dark! Patrick, Andy, Jon, Jon, Ben are strutting. They look like proud peacocks just waiting to burst on the Summer League running scene. It was great to see Middo back, following injury. As ever, his kindness shines through. He ran with the over 46 minute runners, motivating, caring and being an all round lovely, lovely man. Lucy, you are a lucky lady marrying Middo. It was good to catch up with Jim in the bar. He is carrying an injury and it was nice to see he valued the social side of our club. Another on the injury list, is the very cheeky and giddy Richard B. I’ve missed him. But don’t worry, he is coming back. His pace is still there, judging by his 3 pints an hour. As the social chair, he asks to remind you all of the cultural running trip to Marbella. Get in touch if you want to go. I’m going, sorry if this puts you off. Sorry if you have not got a mention, there is always next time. To end, I’m so, so proud of you all. The togetherness and happiness is a natural high. Remember, with the running season soon upon us: Your time is coming, don’t be late So come on See the light on your face Let it shine Just let it shine Let it shine Take care. Run happy, be happy. DeeGeeBee

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