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Bilsdale Beauties

A quiet week on the racing front was more than made up for by the fact that we had a trio of ladies taking on a very challenging Bilsdale fell race up on the North York Moors. A beautiful day to tackle 1200m / 3937ft of elevation in 25KM of running. Just to put that into context in relation to some of the Hardmoors races, the recent Saltburn Marathon over 28.5 miles was 1256m and the Hardmoors 30 was 1157m. Condense all of that into around 15 miles and you've got an idea of what the ladies were taking on. Up, up and away!

The good news was that the sun was shining and it's an amazing place to be when that happens. We had Lou Mamalis, Mel Ellwood and Jess Hayward representing the club and they crossed the line pretty much together in 3.56.13 - 3.56.15. Brilliant effort and congratulations to all three of them, that's tough going.

I'm guessing Lou didn't opt for the barefoot approach during the race?

Elsewhere we had a first place finish at parkrun to shout about and it came from an unlikely source that has left me scouring Facebook pages looking for photographic evidence to no avail. Take a bow Patrick Hough, first finisher at Newcastle West parkrun! Here's how everyone got on:


5th Jordan Howe 18.25

16th Dave Johnson 20.04

18th Andy Heather 20.32

169th Amy Johnson 35.53

176th Harriet Sleight 37.19


8th Robert Butler 24.13

11th Jamie Butler 25.26

Lyme Park

66th Alex Davis 30.44

New Earswick

7th Chris Thompson 23.28

Newcastle West

1st Patrick Hough 22.02


13th Dom Carter 18.03

24th Jim Carter 19.15

61st Mark Dodsworth 20.52

84th Di Campbell 22.07 (Is that a PB again Di and knocking on the door of sub 22?)

164th Kev Armstrong 24.52

294th Lucy Turner 27.41

319th Phil Raddall 28.24

I hope you're all enjoying the lighter nights and better weather forecast for this week. Make the most of that opportunity to get out for an evening run without having to don your gloves, hat etc.

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