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Anyone need any pre-race motivation?

Whilst we all know that Jordan has won 3 races on the bounce, how clued up are you on how well our other club mates are doing? It's great to see the YPH name atop the leaderboard and another win for Jordan tonight will make his lead in the series almost unassailable.

The category leaderboards have just been updated to take the Easingwold results into account and they make for some interesting reading. We've got plenty of Posties featuring in the top 10's in their respective age groups so read on and maybe find out what you didn't know and if it puts an extra spring in your step tonight...

U35 Women

5th Jess Hayward

O35 Women

9th Amy Johnson

O45 Women

2nd Di Campbell

6th Amanda Clark

U35 Men

1st Jordan Howe

9th Dom Carter

O40 Men

6th Elliot Cole

5 races from 6 will count so keep turning up and doing your best! See you all tonight and enjoy your run.

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