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York 10K run in the sun

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Twas a busy weekend for the YPH faithful with a dozen of us taking part in the York 10K race and a further 9 in various parkruns on Saturday. We also had Jo Barrett chalking up yet another marathon in the Hardmoors event at Farndale.

Don't forget it's the monthly ladies run from the Minster Inn tonight.

Here's the full results from the 10K race:

Marc Pearson 38.51

Paul Hatfield 39.18

Si Partridge 41.25

Stu Baker 42.18

Jon Davies 44.48

Kevin Armstrong 46.32

Bill Shively 47.02

Chris Guest 51.25

Deanna Dawkins 53.02

Hannah Smithson 55.48

Helena Senior 1.07.10

Alison Catlow 1.22.44

Ian Dalton 1.30.16

Very well done to everyone taking part.

Farndale Trail Marathon (Hardmoors event)

Jo Barrett - 7:20:00. Hardmoors events always come with free bonus miles so in addition to the ascent it will have been more like 30 miles than 26.2. Where else can you get a deal like that?

York parkrun

Darren Baker 19.23

Temple Newsam parkrun

Helena Senior 35.39

New Earswick parkrun

Greg Judges 18.47

Chris Thompson 22.09

Jason Platten 24.56

Heartlands parkrun

Andy Heather 21.30 - guessed that this was in the Midlands judging by the number of Lougbrough & Mansfield runners taking part but turns out it's in Cornwall.

Marshall Drive parkrun - Saltburn (don't let the event website put you off, yes it's a 4 lapper but really nice event with a bit of everything)

Simon Middleton 21.58

Lucy Turner 29.36

Conyngham Hall

Jonathan Richardson 27.00

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