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Wow in Wistow

Tuesday evening saw the 6th and final race of the Summer League season with just the handicap to come at Heslington on 19th July (note earlier start time of 7pm). Separate note to Jordan, no rush for you mate, think you'll be off about 9pm...

It's fair to say there were some outstanding performances across the Postal team. With 27 Posties on the start line there was always a chance that some of them would shine, and so it turned out. Pride of place (in my humble opinion) must go to Harriet. I think I'm right in stating that she had yet to break the 50 minute barrier for a 10K race. Not anymore! 48.38 is some performance to dip under 50 for the first time, no half measures and many congratulations Harriet! Your finishing sprint was as impressive as any others on the evening.

Elliot took a well deserved 3rd place finish in the O40 category with a very impressive time of 34.44. Other top 10 finishes in respective age categories saw Bill coming home in 4th, Jess impressive again in 5th, Di also in 5th and great consistency across the season, Ian in 10th and Simon in 9th. Whilst Jordan didn't have the result he was hoping for, 2nd place overall still represents an outstanding season, having won 83% of the races and some mind boggling times to go with it. To have the overall winner in our ranks is a fine achievement and we're very proud of you Jordan, well done.

The final placings usually take a couple of days to come out but they're with us now. Our ladies team finished in 6th place overall, just one point ahead of Acorn. Our mens team had a storming night with their fastest team from across the season all in action, resulting in a 3rd place finish on the night and 5th overall.

Onto the age category results and there really are some stand out performances here. In the Ladies U35 a huge well done to Jess, finishing 7th overall and only 3 points behind 5th place. When you consider that the top 3 in that category all finish sub 40 it gives you some indication of Jess' performance across the season.

As a result of her fabulous run, Harriet moved up the leaderboard in the same category to finish 13th overall and to finish off the top 20 we had Emily in 17th.

Onto the ladies O35's and well done to Sophie and Amy, finishing 14th and 16th respectively. Well done also to Gemma, finishing 29th in her first season in Postal colours.

Congrats to Di, finishing 5th overall in the O45's, ably supported by Amanda in 14th, Donna 25th and Tracey 29th.

We all know who won the Men's U35 category (and series overall) with a perfect score of 4. Well done for leading the way Jordan and watch this space for a forthcoming interview with the man himself where we will find out more about his ambitions and top tips.

There was a tight finish elsewhere in this category as Dom finished just ahead of Ian in 15th. Onto the O40's and congratulations to Elliot with his 5th place finish over the season. The 4 guys in front of him are all regular sub 35 min runners so that's where you need to be to achieve a top 5 finish. Simon moved up to 9th overall in his final year in this age group with Jim close behind in 18th and Marc 25th. Apparently our Mr Pearson does a quick search and reads these if that search tells him he's got a mention. Well done Marc Pearson, we all thought Marc Pearson had a great season!!

Andy had his best finish of the season in Wistow and moved up to 22nd place in the O50's as a result and Bill continued to show us that class is permanent as he finished 7th overall in the O60's.

What a season and what a time to be a Postal Harrier. I've loved the 6 races across the season and it's always a pleasure to see the spirit and the support that Team Postal provide. A big thank you to all those Posties who haven't run this season but have found the time to come and cheer on their team mates.

That just leaves the handicap race and the presentation night at Heslington to come. If you've not taken part in the handicap before then watch out for news of your start times. The first runners will be off at 7pm and it's a staggered start so it will be after 7.30pm before the quicker runners start. Details will be posted here once available,

I'll finish with a couple of my favourite photos from Wistow. Ben showing his Gallic flare with a trademark sprint finish and the lead pack overtaking their pace vehicle.

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