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The Grand National

It's quite difficult writing about a race when you weren't there but sometimes you get a gift. I'm not sure what the collective noun is for a group of runners stumbling in and out of the water. It's certainly not a pride of runners. A drench of runners maybe.

I saw loads of you enjoying the cold and wet and if I had all day I'd upload each and every one of them but the gift that keeps on giving is undoubtedly our Jim. It's not that I've spent many an hour gazing at Jim, ten seconds maybe but I still can't work out if he's taken a knee in the back from #426 or if Jim heard someone shout "Wheelbarrow race" and he was taking up position. Meanwhile the guy in blue and white is puckering his lips playing the theme tune from Watership Down on his imaginary trombone.

Humour aside it seems that there were some might fine performances from the YPH crew. 21 of you took on the challenge, a fantastic turnout with Jess leading the way for the ladies and Dom doing the same for the men. Both Jess and Dom finished 44th in their respective races, how spooky is that? Here's the link to the results:

The next PECO race is on 19th Dec at Middleton Park in Leeds.

I don't think there were any other races over the weekend but apologies if you've put in a stirring performance and I've missed it. This weekend is Hardmoors Roseberry and there's the Jolly Hog Jog coming up in Ripon on the 28th. I'm sure there are other events going on so let me know what you're up to and I'll do my best to hunt down your results.

Meanwhile in parkrun land on 4th Dec we had 14 participants as follows:

Jordan was 3rd at Hes in 17.35

Jamie was 30th at Millfield in 24.10 and Karen was there as well in 71st and 31.23

Alex came 5th in New Earswick in 20.56 followed by Danny in 22.51 and 13th and Chris T in 23.58 and 17th

The Carter and Heather touring bus made its way to Nostell and Dom came 2nd in 19.08, Jim was 7th in 20.23 and Andy 14th in 22.07.

Even further afield, Elliot & Sophie ventured over the border to Porthcawl with Elliot finishing 2nd in 18.57 and Sophie 65th in 24.10.

Last but not least, a bit nearer home on the Mire we had Ian in 3rd in 18.02, Patrick 45th in 21.10 and Simon P making a rare parkrun appearance coming in 100th in 23.41.

A final note about the forthcoming festive parkrun events. You've got the choice of two local events on Xmas Day with the Mire and NE both being on and it's the same on NYD with the Mire & NE both taking place at 9am. If you're wondering about New Year's Day doubles and staggered start times, they're not allowed anymore (and it's not Covid related) so you'll have to make up your own post New Year's Eve staggering routine (or go to Whitby for the Hardmoors 30/15).

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