Sockets Charging

Another strong day to report from the Sockets, opening up an 80 mile lead over their rivals. As expected, the long miles of Sunday couldn't be matched but P2S still racked up 84 miles in the day compared to 60 for Mini Inn.

Team P2S have just gone over the border into Arizona and they've reached the town of Parker. Town you say? Don't get me wrong, they are still in the middle of nowhere and are just west of the delightfully named Cactus Plain Wilderness Study Area. Keep an eye out for the folk who make a living studying cacti, they can be a prickly bunch.

Parker looks a lovely place to be fair, just remote. Plenty of hill training opps here though, Coach will be purring.

Meanwhile, Team Mini Inn are traversing the same wilderness that P2S got through on day one. Sure you all remember it, Palen McCoy Wilderness Area. You never expected this challenge to be educational as well. They've sought refuge in the car that was abandoned by their rivals. Let's hope their legs aren't quite as rusty today as there is some catching up to do.

Don't forget that today is the first 'race' in the Summer League season so see you all at Pock tonight for rain and hail. Probably. It's also Elliot's Summer League challenge so run 10K today, log it as usual and you will be in the prize draw. Just like Bullseye, speedboats and caravans await the winners. Allegedly. Have a great day.

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