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Posties are back!

For the first time in what seems like a lifetime, we have results to write up and shout about. We had runners taking part in at least three events over the weekend. As always, sorry if you've been running in the middle of nowhere and I've missed your result. Just drop me an email to and I'll gladly include your result.

First up on Saturday we had Richard Hawkins taking part in the Endurance Life half marathon in and around Ravenscar. Our beautiful east coast didn't look quite as lovely as it often does as Richard set off in the morning gloom, finishing in 2:51:11.

Sunday saw Posties everywhere, mostly running around the airfield in Elvington but we also had Dee and Dave taking on the It's Grim Up North marathon event in Leeds. A brilliant judgment of pace so them finish together in 4:59 and as you can tell from the photo, Dave treated Dee to a well earned sit down in a lovely looking car park!

Grim Up North events are well worth checking out if you are a fan of low key events. They seem to hold events almost every week and each event usually features multiple distances.

Back to Elvington airfield. We had a 5K, 10K, 10 miler, Half Marathon and Marathon. With plenty of COVID regulations in evidence, including lots of pre race comms, staggered start times within events amongst other things, it was great to be back in a safe and secure environment.

Most Posties will tell you that the first half of each lap was a delight with a lovely tail wind to blow you along. Clearly that wasn't going to be the case when we swung back round and got the head wind but you can't have everything and it was good to be out racing again and seeing your club mates. In my case I saw plenty of my club mates, usually as they glided past.

Special mentions must go to Jim and Billy who both won their respective age categories and I see from Strava that Jim has a nice new 1/2M PB to shout about. Also great to see Jordan recoding his first result in a Postal Vest. Great work chaps.

It really gave me a boost when a Postie went by so well done for slowing for a chat, I'm just sorry I didn't see all of you. Further special mentions to Ben for the funny moment of the day. We are all familiar with the Gallic Roar of our very own Frenchman but clearly not everyone else is. I think the lady he was running alongside is still traumatised after Ben bellowed support in my direction. Big respect also to Glynn for running/jogging/walking a lap with me. It was good to have a mate running alongside towards the end.

Here's the results.

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