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Not so happy in Happisburgh

Day 3 is complete and Team Minster Inn have achieved a hattrick of daily wins. We're all familiar with the term but where did it come from to celebrate the scoring of 3 goals in a match or the taking of 3 wickets in succession along with many others? It was back in 1858 that a chap by the name of HH Stephenson took 3 wickets in 3 deliveries in a cricket match in Sheffield. Someone in the crowd passed a hat round to collect coins for his reward and so the phrase was coined (pun absolutely intended). Educational this challenge as well.

Mini Inn managed 113 miles in the day v 96 from their rivals. Some classic tales are coming in from the battlefield. In scenes reminiscent of the WW1 football match where rival sides celebrated Christmas Day with a game above the trenches, Jo & Dee put their loyalties to one side for a moment to enjoy a run together. Sounds like Mini Inner Jo has a longer term plan to hinder P2S' Dee. I'd watch yourself down by the Foss if I were you Dee, we'd hate you to get wet feet.

The Suffolk town of Cattawade welcomed Mini Inn last night. Another nice looking place on our coastline.

Pocket to Socket are 95 miles back down the road in the Norfolk village of Happisburgh. They're not so happy though with a sizeable gap to reduce and they are teetering on the brink. It seems that the residents of Happisburgh are suffering more than most from the impact of coastal erosion. Those houses might not be there for much longer.

Day Four has already started and the task for P2S is clear. A friendly spy tells me they have a local girl in their ranks with Dee hailing from Felixstowe. That local knowledge may be put to use today to find the fastest route to parity with Minster Inn.

Yep, today's route has been designed by a small child. Zig zag central.

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