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Nairobi Squad!

I'm in a new running team. Just for the weekend. Who else has signed up to the NN Running challenge over the weekend. Plenty of you will be familiar with NN Running, the training camp for the higher echelons of elite athletes containing the likes of Kipchoge and Bekele. It's a bit like Marygate at 6.30 on a Weds (pre-lockdown) night, elite athletes wherever you look having no problem delivering a series of awe inducing dynamic stretches.

The challenge they set for this weekend was to run 10.5K and along with 3 team mates you would cover the marathon distance. If you're lucky you get Kipchoge in your team. If you're unlucky you get me. My 10.5K comes tomorrow for my team, the Nairobi Squad. I've no idea whether that means my new mates are elite Kenyans or not. The early leaderboard features an elite Asics team who have covered the distance in 2:03. Don't think I'll be troubling the leaderboard then.

Back in the world of mere mortals, Mini Inn claimed the spoils yesterday, racking up 126 miles. Pocket to Socket only submitted 67 miles with their big hitters either having a quiet day or forgetting to log their mileage.

It is fitting that Mini Inn have camped overnight at a racecourse, just in time to watch the first horse racing classic of the season, the 2,000 Guineas. The Mini Inners are in Chepstow, right on the Welsh border.

Back down the road, P2S are hanging out with the surfer dudes in Newquay.

That's it for today folks. Have a great weekend all.

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