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Mid Week View from DeeGeeBee

In a few words, Torvill and Dean.

Yep, old inky was not kind to the Happy Harriers last night. She gave a frosty look sufficient to turn the pavements into an ice rink in the hope of a few Bolero moments. But c’mon, we are YPH. A little frost was not enough to scare the mighty 23 runners including a new runner, Hellena.

As ever, Coach Mark was devilish. On the coldest night of the year he put us through a long and hard session. With his pearly whites illuminating the sky he encouraged us. He explained biological processes using super long words that would make the greatest spelling bees wince. For me it reminded me of the old classic, your hip bone is connected to your thigh bone.

The runners were layered up, Lycra upon Lycra. There was not a bump in sight. All our tiny imperfections were hidden under the spandex effect. Luckily nobody was caught short and had to unwrap for an emergency pit stop.

It was a great encore to last week’s AGM with runners offering new ideas, a plenty, to push the club forward. One of which is the appointment of club captains. Billy and I will send a separate email later.

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