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Let's go fly a kite

We started in March with a virtual ultra marathon around York. That challenge was clearly not enough so we went large and journeyed from the Minster Inn to Moscow. We most definitely got there ahead of schedule so Virtual Challenge #3 began, Coast to Coast in the USA.

Team Pocket to Socket claimed the victory yesterday with Danielle running the final few miles across the finish line on Jacksonville Beach. P2S have been strong throughout and lead from tape to tape, Team Minster Inn never being able to replicate their form from the previous European challenge.

It's now time to rest up for a few days and enjoy the ambience in Jax. Deanna has been sharing details of some of the best local watering hotels, check them all out below. First up we have to welcome the winners so we have arranged a special guest to welcome P2S onto the beach. The virtual finish line is marked by a well known local out flying her kite. Who is she?

And here's your selection of pubs with special YPH offers on for the next 2 days. Might struggle to get a decent pint of Sunbeam though.

So that's it for another challenge. Congratulations to Team Pocket to Socket, you ran a great race.

It sounds like plenty of you are up for challenge #4 so fear not, it's on its way. Teams will remain the same. If you're a 1st or 2nd claim YP Harrier and you've been watching on with envy then let me know and you can join a team. Everyone welcome and all running or walking miles count.

We will start in the next few days. I'm just finalising the new route, all will be revealed soon. In the meantime enjoy the break and see you all soon.

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