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Heaven is a place on earth

Times may be tough right now but it doesn't take much to restore some faith in what we have and where we live. Lucy is working at Scarbados Hospital today so she was out early doors giving me the opportunity for an early morning run around the city. I did the imaginatively titled inner ring road lollipop route. Down Haxby Rd, around the inner ring road, back up Haxby Rd. What a beautiful place we live in.

Back home by 8. Coffee on the go. Postman knocks on the door to deliver a bottle of gin. There is a god. Sadly it's a gift for Lucy's parents. Radio 2 on in the background and on comes Belinda Carlisle with the headline song, an early morning run around our city certainly is heaven.

It's funny how the rules of engagement when out running have changed. How many of you are noticing more people are happy to say hello, the world has become a friendlier place. I hope it lasts. I have my own rules. Always happy to say hello but I look for eye contact from a fellow runner before I 'engage'. Have to be careful about the amount of eye contact, it's a fine line between being friendly and being a stalker. A quick glance, yep, they're up for a hello. Morning I shout, makes me smile, the stride picks up and on I go.

So what happens when they don't engage and their eyes remain focussed on the road ahead? Went past a couple this morning, giving them a friendly stare and nothing coming back my way. They were serious runners, didn't recognise them but they were not letting their mile splits dip just to say hello to me. I'm a serious runner too, I mean come on. I had my favourite shirt on (Snowdonia Marathon 2017), pair of Hoka's and CEP socks. That's serious! OK so my shorts are from Primark but they're cheap and provide a more comfortable fit for the runner with the larger waistline. I'm no Sports Direct runner. Still ignored me. I smiled anyway and on I trotted down Nunnery Lane.

That's enough about me. Back to the race. It looked like Mini Inn were having a good day. You get a sense of these things as you're logging the miles. Couldn't believe it when I got to the end and Mini had done 131 miles. P2S 139 miles. Bastards!

This means that P2S are in the final state of the race, Florida. Still over 500 miles to go as we are diverting down to Universal Studios before heading north east to the coast and Jacksonville. Time to get your BBQ ready Deanna, we will be with you in about 5 days.

P2S are in the town of Vicksburg. I say town but there's nothing there. A bit of research later and it turns out it's a ghost town, long since abandoned. Could be a trap for P2S and a chance for Mini Inn to catch them up. Anyway, here's Vicksburg.

Back down the road, Mini Inn are in Seminole on the Alabama / Florida border. They've run into a problem though. Their hosts for the night are all firefighters and they're all in the same family. And they really like their fire engine and want to share their stories. Will Mini Inn escape to chase down P2S?

That's it for today. We have another YPH birthday to celebrate. Happy birthday Jon D, hope you have a great day.

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