Coach's Corner

News of this week's training session from Coach Whitby is detailed below. Meet at 6.30pm on Weds at the Minster Inn as usual. New / prospective new members always welcome.

Training this week will start at the Minster Inn at 18:30.  The session will consist of:

Series of dynamic and progressive stretches

Core session – this week the session will continue to reinforce the positioning we looked over the last few weeks i.e. landing your feet under your centre of mass, with glutes and hamstrings engaged. Taking into account those of you who ran this weekend the session will not be too long, but what it lacks in length will be compensated for by intensity.  Depending on weather and numbers we will be either doing strength work on Water End or run based circuits.  Either way – loads of fun!!!

Cool down/static stretches of 10-12 seconds to untangle those gnarly muscle fibres.

Remember: Be fit, be fast, but always be the best you can be!

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