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Club Night Review

Before we let DeeGeeBee commence with his weekly review, a quick note to let you know that the Yorkshire 10 miler has opened for entries today. Thanks to Deanna for sharing and flagging up on Facebook.

The morning after.

In a few words, a champagne supernova in the sky.

Yep, 30. I will say it again, 30, Happy Harriers trained last night. How good is that? A throng of like-minded people hanging out together and having fun. We bumped into a York running legend from another club, Dave Bannister, and he took a moment to marvel at the happy faces. Thank you everyone, you are making a difference.

As for the session, I think coach Mark revels in dishing out the pain. It was quite hard, well hard judging by the panting and wheezing after each interval. We trained along the riverside towards Lendal Bridge. It was urban. There was friendly banter with locals. There was a fragrant whiff of exotic tobacco in the air. It was dark. It was slightly edgy but we were safe in happiness and numbers.

Everyone gave of their best. We clapped and encouraged one another. The plumes of warm breath and spray of salty endeavour glowed  against the old inky winter night. Alas, our plumes could not compete with the the emissions from the locals. It reminded me of a great Oasis lyric, where were you when we were getting high? Ours was a natural high.

Indeed the lyrics of the song go on to say, faster than a cannon ball, very apt for a running club. We. Could adopt this as our club theme. Picture the scene, the Happy YPH singing champagne supernova on the balmy summer evenings during the 10k Summer series. Happy thoughts. Happy harriers.

A date for your diaries. Our very own Paul Hatfield plays the Victoria Vaults tomorrow night- Friday 8th. The band is Clash City Rockers and having seen them before, it will be epic. C’mon support Paul.

Whatever you are doing this weekend, stay safe and run happy, be happy.


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